All products purchased from I Gaming Computer come with a manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer warranties have different durations for different products. All prebuilt and custom PCs come with an additional 2 year return to base warranty. This includes diagnosing any hardware issues and repairing any hardware issues if needed. No warranty covers any physical damage. It is important that if you have an issue with a product, that you contact I Gaming Computer first. Any attempts at fixing a product may void the warranty. 

Returns and Repairs

Any opened, non-faulty goods cannot be returned.

Computer Components and Accessories

If you have received computer components or accessories that are faulty we will cover the cost of shipping it back to the I Gaming Computer store if we are notified within two weeks of receiving the product. 


When goods are returned to I Gaming Computer under warranty they will be sent to the manufacturer for repair and possible replacement. If the product cannot be repaired or replaced then a credit/refund will be offered. 

Prebuilt or Custom Computers

If you have ordered a prebuilt or custom computer and it is faulty within the first 30 days of receiving it, I Gaming Computer will cover the cost of shipping it back to the I Gaming Computer store for diagnosis and repair. 

If your prebuilt or custom computer is faulty after 30 days, the customer must cover the cost of shipping it back to the I Gaming Computer Store. 

The Computer will be diagnosed, repaired and sent back to the customer. Any attempts to fix a faulty PC may void your warranty. If you think you have an issue, please call I Gaming Computer who will help diagnose the issue over the phone before deciding if it needs to be sent back to the store. Most issues are fixed over the phone.

If you are required to send your PC back for repair, please ship it in the original box, with original foams inside and outside the computer. If you are missing any of the original packaging, you must purchase new packaging before shipping it. In this case, you must ship the PC back with foams supporting the GPU from top to bottom and you must wrap the PC in an inch of bubble wrap with foams in-between it and the box to ensure it doesn't move in the box. You must send a photo of the PC with foams inside before shipping it back.


If you have been approved for a refund we will always process the refund using the same payment method the order was originally paid for. In some circumstances this is not possible and in these circumstances I Gaming Computer will provide a refund by bank transfer to an Australia bank account.