Return Policy

* Returns, Refunds, and Replacement :When goods returned within warranty period, and the product is no longer available or repairable, Mclouds Pty Ltd will replace with equal or similar product and if not possible, offer a credit/refund at the current market value less our restocking fee solely at our discretion.Within ACCC guideline for the refund of goods under warranty, if the goods returned have had a fair amount of use,Mclouds Pty Ltd is allowed to offer partial refund or replacement only. Mclouds Pty Ltd restocking fee is calculated based on the time period the good has been purchased, as shown on the date of the invoice and the condition of the good. If goods returned within 1 month, it will carry a 20% restocking fee, within 3 months - 50%, more than 6 months - 70%, and no refund will be offered after 12 months.