igame Graphics card ARGB Brace support

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Item: video card support
Material: ABS
Light effect mode: ARGB
Power supply: 5V
Color: Black, White
Interface: 5V / 3pin
Main board interface: (support 5V main board light synchronization)
Size: 242x87x63mm/9.53x3.43x2.48in

1. Four ring color ARGB cool magic color, cool not only one side.

2. A variety of lighting effects can be synchronized with other hardware lights inside the chassis. Lighting effects support the synchronization of the motherboard.

3. Provide effective support for your graphics card so that the graphics card is parallel to protect your device from damage.

4. The segmented design is compatible with all kinds of chassis architecture to meet the user's requirements of all kinds of hosts DIY free adjustment.

5. The convenient buckle design can adjust the height of the bracket at will, which is convenient, fast and flexible to use.

6. ABS material has high strength, toughness and high temperature resistance, which is not affected by temperature and frequency.

7. Support for Asustek, MICROSTAR, Gigabyte and Huaqing mainboards to control through the mainboard, and synchronize the lighting with other DRGB products.

8. Conceal magnet base, which can be expanded into multi-functional bracket, humanized, safe, stable and flexible to avoid cumbersome installation.

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